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Yacine Bio Tchané

Yacine Bio Tchané

Yacine Bio Tchané is a Beninese economist with thirteen years of experience in public finance and international development across Sub-Saharan Africa.

She began her career in 2008 as an Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellow at the South African Treasury where she spent more than two years developing peer learning and implementing public financial management reforms in Africa for the Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI). She then joined the Institute of Empirical Research in Political Economy (IREEP) where she was responsible for coordinating partners, overseeing data collection and research work before spending seven years in a management consultant firm conducting studies and providing technical assistance to both public and private organizations in francophone Africa.

For the past three years, Yacine works for herself and assists both governments/public institutions, SMEs and individuals in improving, digitizing and innovating in the management of their finances. She is the promoter of a financial education program specific for African women Femmes&Finances that provides information, coaching and assistance for them to improve, optimize and grow their funds.

Yacine participates in CABRI’s:

· Building PFM Capabilities Program as a Coach for the Central African Republic (2019) and the Republic of Guinea (2020 and 2021)

· PFM Capabilities Assessment in Central African Republic (2019) and Benin (2020).

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Rutgers University and a master’s in Development Management from the London School of Economics.

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