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Busan 4th High Level Forum

1 December 2011
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The Busan 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, hosted by the Republic of Korea, has succeeded in establishing a more inclusive development partnership, which CABRI welcomes. The outcome document sets out key priorities for effective development co-operation, taking into account new and diverse actors.

However, CABRI is concerned that the inclusion of clauses that make compliance with the Busan principles conditional will weaken the ability of partner countries to build effective public financial management institutions. For example, paragraphs 2 and 8 introduce into the aid effectiveness partnership voluntarism and special circumstances as reasons for non-compliance. Paragraph 19b will allow donors to continue avoiding the use of country systems. Paragraph 23a allows for the non-publication of aid information when it is deemed “legitimately” commercially sensitive.

Overall, CABRI believes that the Busan outcome document will be a step back from the Accra Agenda for Action, unless agreement is reached on clearly defined actions and targets that will lead to the increased use of country systems, greater aid transparency and mutual accountability. And more importantly, the providers of development assistance and partner countries should bind themselves to all the principles, commitments and actions of the outcome document.

CABRI welcomes and supports the various initiatives that were launched in Busan, especially the New Consensus on Effective Institutions and Policies for Development. We also look forward to pursuing work in the area of aid and budget transparency.

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