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Moving towards country-led and country-specific measurement of public financial management systems in development cooperation

26 November 2014
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The Global Partnership, which governs how development cooperation should operate, is grounded in fundamental principles. Transparency and Accountability, Focus on Results, Inclusive Development Partnerships, Ownership of development priorities by partner countries - these are ambitious principles to enact in practice given the persisting operating traditions of the development community.

CABRI is currently co-chair1 of the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP), a gathering of international practitioners in the field of governance aiming to support the implementation of the related global commitments, through exchange and collaboration2.

  • Be transparent;
  • Be objective;
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Details need to be confirmed as to which specific PEFA indicators should be used to cover those measures. For example, for the accounting and reporting measure, the PI-25 has been proposed. PI-25 measures the completeness of the financial statements; their timeliness and the accounting standards used.

Further consultation is currently being undertaken and a firm proposal will be submitted to the Steering Committee of the Global Partnership in January.

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