Benin joins CABRI

15 June 2018
Benin Joins Cabri

Neil Cole, CABRI's executive secretary, congratulating Servais Adjovi, Chief of Staff, Benin Ministry of Economy and Finance. They are surrounded by Rodrigue Chaou Director General of budget and Pierrot Sego Director of budget preparation at the Benin ministry of finance.

The Government of Benin approved the country’s accession to the Agreement Establishing the Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) on 28 March 2018.

CABRI is pleased to welcome the Government of Benin as a Member Country.

Mr. Rodrigue Chaou, the Director-General of Budget at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, summarised the decision to become a member as follows: “CABRI has been a valuable partner in helping the Benin Government to improve its practices in terms of budget transparency and participation, amongst other forms of support to improving the management of public finances.”

In response to the decision by Benin, CABRI’s Executive Secretary, Neil Cole stated that “… becoming a member country, Benin will benefit from our new strategic plan that focusses on achieving value for money in public spending, budget transparency and participation, and sustainable public debt management”.

CABRI is at the front-line of efforts to improve the capabilities of countries to manage public finance resources. Over the past decade, our interventions have provided member and participating countries with the platform for exchanging experiences and learning from each other, in an environment of respect, appropriateness, openness and ownership. We have, and continue to build, a unique community of peers working together to discover what works (when and how), and together we are supporting the establishment of functional PFM across the continent

Benin now joins CABRI in a collaboration to achieve a vision where: across Africa, public financial resources are managed with integrity, transparency and accountability for efficient and effective service delivery, sustainable economic growth and development.

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