Building Public Finance Capabilities Programme 2021: Country check-in by coach of Burkina Faso

14 October 2021
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Our Building Public Finance Capabilities programme is made up of several components including, the visit of coaches in participating countries. The aim is to allow coaches to meet their teams and see first-hand the work that they have accomplished so far, but also, to meet the key players who are supporting the teams in solving the problems that they have identified as part of their participation in the programme. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted this aspect of the programme, but we are happy that some country check-ins are gradually becoming possible. Fréjus Lingue, coach of the Burkina Faso team, was recently in Ouagadougou to meet the team “From the country of the honest men”. As a reminder, our team is working on solving the following problem: Gaps between the projected procurement, commitment and cash plans, do not allow for rational management of the State's financial resources.

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Launched in 2017, our Building Public Finance Capabilities programme has worked with more than 40 country teams of government practitioners, through an approach that drives incremental change and facilitates the emergence of local solutions for complex public finance challenges.

We look forward to welcoming the country-teams in December for our Progress Review Seminar.

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