Are we asking the right questions?

Images Events 4Th Annual Seminar Are We Asking The Right Questions

In asking the right questions around the areas of the budget that take several years to change, we are able to better understand and address the country-specific complexities of moving from an annual to a multi-year budget process. The seminar provided the intellectual space to investigate what lies beyond the introduction of an MTEF, what building blocks are required and what obstacles should be overcome for such a mechanism to ensure that decisions on the raising of public resources and how they are allocated are taken in view of the medium-term impact and of these decisions.

The seminar investigated:

  • Legacy frameworks and legal framework practice
  • Mobilising domestic revenues
  • Solving medium-term fiscal policy puzzles
  • Capital budgeting
  • Interrogating baselines and setting expenditure ceilings
  • Putting aid on budget

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