Good financial governance: towards modern budgeting

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Sound budget practices, public finance systems that serve our welfare goals, and accounting systems that have integrity and respect, are essential for promoting democracy and effective governance. Underpinning these practices and systems is a constant flow of transparent, comprehensive and timely information, which allows decision-makers to govern and empowers citizens to hold their governments to account.

The theme of the annual seminar was designed to inform a framework on good financial governance that speaks to African experiences, and reflects African commitments to goals that are deemed feasible by African leaders in African contexts. Thus, the seminar agenda provides an opportunity for senior budget officials to debate and discuss subject areas aimed at:

  • Understanding the opportunities for and complexities in good financial governance in Africa, in order to inform a political declaration by ministers of finance
  • Examining the results of the recent joint country case study on programme-based budgeting in Mauritius
  • Launching the CABRI-OECD exercise to assist Ghana in using country systems for the delivery of development assistance
  • Exploring the role and management of private sector involvement in public infrastructure development



Good financial governance: towards modern budgeting


Good financial governance: a key CABRI concern
Session 1
Research framework: budget preparation; financial asset and liability management; decentralisation
Session 1
Good financial governance: towards modern budgeting. session 2: good financial governance (budget execution)
Session 1
2010 6th annual CABRI seminar good financial governance
Session 1
Managing money for (a) change what PEFA data tells us about the quality of Africa’s PFM systems and future reform challenges
Session 2
Programme budgeting in Mauritius joint country case study
Session 3
The Bumbuna hydro-electric project: a case study on private sector involvement through bilateral loans
Session 4
Lesotho referral hospital
Session 4
The role & pitfalls of PPI's
Session 4
Can the private sector add value to public sector infrastructure development?
Session 4
Role of CABRI in using country systems
Session 5
Country systems initiative in Ghana: progress and next steps
Session 5
Advancing aid effectiveness through the use of country systems
Session 5
Wrap-up session
Session 6

Seminar Papers

Financing a new referral hospital Lesotho
Bumbuna hydroelectric project, Sierra Leone
The implementation of programme- based budgeting in Mauritius
The role and pitfalls of private sector involvement in infrastructure

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