Budgeting for results: moving towards performance budgeting

Images Events 8Th Annual Seminar Budgeting For Results Moving Towards Performance Budgeting

The 8th Annual CABRI Seminar, on Budgeting for Results: Moving towards Performance Budgeting, was held in South Africa from 9-11 May 2012.

The theme of the 2012 Annual Seminar took into consideration that many countries in Africa are shifting from traditional budgeting methods to modern budgeting systems, which focus more on performance and results. The seminar was designed to explore the appropriateness and advantages of shifting to performance budgeting in Africa, and the preconditions needed for programme or performance-based budgeting reform.

In line with CABRI’s motto, “Connect – Share – Reform”, delegates had the opportunity to share experiences from the continent and elsewhere through panel and roundtable discussions, as well as group breakaway sessions. The seminar also offered a technical session on the preparation of medium-term expenditure frameworks, needed to implement performance-based budgeting reforms.

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