Learning through inter-connected systems


CABRI is pleased to support the second learning event of the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP), an alliance of over 60 countries and organisations that support country-led and evidence-based policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and peer learning on public sector management and institutional reform.

The second learning event scheduled from 13.00 -15.00 Paris time (CET) on learning through interconnected systems will discuss how monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) can be used to track and illustrate how and under what circumstances connecting organizational systems via peer-to-peer (P2P) learning contributes to problem-solving and institutional change.

Drawing on insights from a range of P2P experiences, experts and practitioners exchange on how learning can be diffused, institutionalised and sustained across peer organisations. Some of the questions to be discussed include the following:

  1. How can P2P partnerships go beyond the individual to enable organisational learning, and learning across networks of entities and organisations?
  2. What mechanisms exist to institutionalise and embed new skills and behaviour? How can institutional change and learning be sustained?
  3. How can we monitor capabilities across these different individual and organisational levels of operation, across different entities, and across the way in which these entities interlink?
  4. How can partners decide who tracks what in P2P learning initiatives (at what level of interaction) and who periodically compiles information for collective learning across actors?

Insights from this event will feed into a dedicated EIP Learning Note on the theme of learning through interconnected systems, a first draft of which will be sent as a background document for the event.

To register:

After registering, interested participants will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The event will have English-Portuguese translation.

* “Lessons Harvesting: Learning from P2P Engagementsoutlines initial observations and lessons drawn from EIP members on good approaches and practices towards MEL on P2P learning for institutional change.

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