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Supporting fiscal transparency and participation reforms in Africa 

A launch workshop for the three year-long joint CABRI and International Budget Partnership (IBP) project, Supporting Fiscal Transparency and Participation Reforms in Africa, took place in Accra, on 22 and 23 November 2012.

This launch workshop served to present and discuss the findings of the CABRI-IBP study on fiscal transparency and participation in Africa, discussed guidelines and standards for budget and fiscal transparency and participation, and identified timelines and teams for the peer-supported country reviews. 

The workshop took the form of an initial review by a peer group of countries led by a consultant, and a country workshop with the team. The outcome was the development of country-led reform objectives. 

Images Events Supporting Fiscal Transparency And Participation Reforms In Africa

For more information on the project, please read the information note. In line with CABRI’s motto, “Connect – Share – Reform”, the launch workshop was an opportunity for delegates to share experiences from the continent and elsewhere through panel and roundtable discussions. Following the workshop is the important three-year project that works with CABRI’s participating countries to define country-specific, achievable reform objectives and plans promoting fiscal transparency and participation, using African experience to assist countries to achieve these objectives.

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