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Building PFM Capabilities

African ministries of finance, budget and planning have long legacies of PFM reform. However, these reforms have often not effectively tackled the problems festering in governments: new systems are introduced but wages are still paid late or not at all; new procurement processes are adopted but textbooks and medicines are still not distributed on time or on budget; new laws are passed to control spending, but over-commitments are the reality of many systems.

Through Building PFM Capabilities, CABRI is pioneering a new approach in PFM reforms, underpinned by the Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) approach. Building PFM Capabilities aims to build the capability of a set of finance officials as they learn how to address and solve locally-nominated problems, in teams through action-oriented work. The learning is generated through the process as they seek effective success in solving the problem.

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