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Call for consultants to develop three analytical reports based on data collected for the Africa Debt Monitor

CABRI is seeking individual consultants or a firm to write reports based on data collected for CABRI’s Africa Debt Monitor. These reports should complement the existing reports in this series and will be based on the data collected in the first two rounds of data collection (all data will be made available to the successful consultants in Excel format).

Consultants should express their interest by specifying research questions or topics based on the information available in the Africa Debt Monitor (both quantitative and qualitative information). Suggested topics may include challenges with debt-recording systems; debt transparency and reporting practices; managing the risks posed by high debt levels on the fiscus; building resilience in public debt management strategies, policies and practices to withstand crises; correlations between debt management practices and policies and debt sustainability; and trends in cash and liquidity management practices.

Each consultant will be expected to deliver at least one report of approximately 7000-9000 words. These reports will be based on both desktop and primary research. For additional information on the timeline, consult the Terms of Reference, herewith enclosed.

2. Requirements of the consultant

The consultant will need to meet the following requirements:

• Postgraduate degree in economics, political science, public administration or related subject

• Minimum five years’ experience in good financial governance, PFM or public debt management

• Preferably fluent in English and French

• Experience with undertaking both primary and desktop research

3. Contract specifications

a. Duration of the assignment

The contract duration will run from 13 September 2021 – 28 February 2022. Expected numbers of days for each report should not exceed 14 working days.

b. Terms and conditions

The terms of the contract will follow CABRI’s rules and procedures.

Payments will be made on submission of the (a) first draft of the report and (b) final report.

The consultant will be expected to submit original invoices and payments will be made following prior approval of services to be performed and submission of outputs in line with milestones agreed in the contract. Depending on the timeliness and quality of the deliverables, the CABRI Secretariat reserves the right to limit the scope of or terminate the assignment at any stage.

c. Applications

The consultant should indicate his/her interest by submitting a technical and a financial proposal.

The technical proposal should include a CV highlighting relevant and recent experience and qualifications, and a brief overview of the proposed research area or research question and, if appropriate, methodology.

The financial proposal should present the total budget required for the assignment, with a breakdown between fees and expenses and indicating the number of days for each task.

Proposals should be submitted to the CABRI secretariat via e-mail to Danielle Serebro ( and Johan Krynauw (

The deadline for submitting the proposals is 15:00 (GMT+2), Monday 6 September 2021.

If you do not hear back from us after two weeks of close of tender, you may consider your application unsuccessful.

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