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Promotion de la bonne gestion des finances publiques en Afrique : Atelier sous-régional

Images Events Promoting Good Public Financial Management In Africa Sub Regional Workshop

The GPFM priority areas in the Political Declaration on Good Public Financial Governance that have been endorsed are the following:

  • Strengthening fiscal frameworks to enhance predictability and affordability
  • Improving the quality of spending through better budget preparation
  • Prioritising functional budget-execution practices
  • Strengthening accounting practices
  • Operationalising procurement reforms
  • Developing strategic, appropriate and owned integrated financial management solutions
  • Strengthening political engagement and eliminating political interference
  • Integrating aid in budget processes

Based on these identified priority areas, CABRI developed a peer-learning and capacity-building workshop to sensitise GPFM practitioners working in various aspects of the GPFM cycle.

A first regional workshop for West-and Central Africa was held in Accra, Ghana in November 2013. Further workshops for North and East Africa, as well as the Southern African region, took place in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

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