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Region: Southern Africa
Currency: Swazi lilangeni (SZL)
Population: 1.1 million
Capital: Mbabane
Ministry website: www.gov.sz
Fiscal year: April - March
Regional Economic Community: COMESA, SADC
All ADM data on Eswatini was provided by the Debt Management Office of Eswatini. Should you require additional information, please contact: Precious Lomagugu Ntshakala (Principal Finance Officer) Email

Government debt in Eswatini: headline indicators

Total central government debt

Total public debt:GDP

Foreign-currency vs. domestic-currency debt

Foreign and domestic public debt:GDP

Short-term vs. long-term central government debt

Debt maturing in <12 months:GDP

Marketable domestic vs. non-marketable domestic central government debt

Concessional vs. non-concessional foreign central government debt

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Debt management office (DMO): a snapshot

Coordination and delegation of debt-management responsibilities outside the debt management office

Central Bank Accountant General Office Budget office
Plays a role in debt management
Description of role
Formalised arrangements (e.g. MoU or ToR) is in place with the DMO
Frequency of meetings with DMU

Cash management institutional arrangements and practices

Bank account management

Transaction settlement

Debt-recording system

Debt reporting and auditing

Domestic debt issuance

Stock exchange

Investor relations

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