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Novo membro da CABRI: Lesoto

5 novembro 2012

The Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative is excited to announce that the Kingdom of Lesotho has deposited its Instrument of Accession with the CABRI Secretariat.

This increases the number of CABRI member states to nine:

1. Central African Republic
2. Ghana
3. Kenya
4. Lesotho
5. Mali
6. Mauritius
7. Rwanda
8. Senegal
9. South Africa

CABRI is a network of senior budget officials that envisions that “across Africa, public financial resources are managed with integrity, transparency and accountability for efficient and effective service delivery, economic growth and sustainable development”.

To achieve its vision, CABRI’s mission is to:

● Develop appropriate budget management approaches, procedures and practices
● Build capacity, and promote training and research, in the field of public finance management
● Develop and promote common African positions on public finance management reforms
● Provide a platform for collaboration and sharing of experiences and knowledge

More than 40 African countries have participated in CABRI events since the inception of the network in 2004. CABRI membership is open to any African state. 

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