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Building Public Finance Capabilities
Capabilities Assessment

The Public Financial Management (PFM) Capabilities Assessment is a knowledge product that CABRI offers to its member and associate countries as part of its efforts to help improve the state of public finances across the African continent.

Assessments are conducted at the request of government counterparts. Consequently, the scope is defined in consultation with national authorities. Typically, the assessment complements the work of a country team participating in the Building Public Finance Capabilities programme.

Overall, the capabilities assessment aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • provide CABRI member countries with a diagnosis of the weaknesses and strengths of their PFM capabilities to lay the groundwork for country-led reforms to build capabilities;
  • enable CABRI and other PFM stakeholders to have a targeted approach to building PFM capabilities, including a better match for peer learning activities and
  • create qualitative and quantitative databases to facilitate the assessment of improvements in PFM capabilities over time.
  • Completed
  • Ongoing
  • Report available

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