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Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI)


CABRI is an international organisation that is governed by three bodies: the General Assembly, the Management Committee and the Secretariat. An international agreement establishes CABRI.

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making authority. It is composed of all the CABRI member states and meets annually to ratify CABRI’s work plan and budget, adopt audited accounts and provide overall policy direction.


Management Committee and General Assembly meetings, Accra, Ghana - May 2024

The Management Committee is appointed by the General Assembly for a duration of two years and consists of seven members. Five member states are appointed by the General Assembly. The Executive Secretary and the Chairperson of the General Assembly are ex officio committee members. Its primary responsibility is to provide strategic guidance, oversight and control, and monitor the Secretariat’s implementation of the annual work plan and budget. The Management Committee meets four times a year. Its current members are Mauritius, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana and The Gambia.

The Secretariat implements CABRI’s three-year strategic plan, annual work plan and budget. The Secretariat also supports the General Assembly and Management Committee to carry out their functions. The Secretariat is based in South Africa, and is headed up by CABRI’s Executive Secretary.

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