Established as an international organisation in 2009, following the ratification of the international agreement by CABRI’s six founding member countries: Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa, CABRI continues to grow its membership base.

CABRI’s diverse membership base includes 17 African countries that formally acceded to the international agreement establishing CABRI. We currently work with over 35 countries - with more than 20 countries actively participating in our activities annually.

CABRI’s membership drive aims to encourage non-member countries to formally become a member and through a collaborative and collective approach, support CABRI’s vision that:

“Across Africa, public financial resources are managed with integrity, transparency and accountability for efficient and effective service delivery, sustainable economic growth and development.”

CABRI’s membership provides access to our programmes, peer-learning and exchange opportunities as well as a diverse network of peers.

The membership section provides further information on membership benefits and procedures.

We look forward to welcoming you and your country to the CABRI community.

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