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CABRI Webinar: Managing Budgetary Pressures from COVID-19 in Africa

How have African countries responded to previous health crises and how are they currently managing the fiscal challenges arising from COVID-19?

On April 9, CABRI hosted a webinar on "Managing Budgetary Pressures from COVID-19 in Africa". We were joined by Neil Cole, Executive Secretary of CABRI, Mark Blecher, Chief Director, Health and Social Development at the National Treasury of South Africa and Ben Akabueze, Director General of the Budget Office of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria.

The agenda was as follows:

  • How ministries of finance respond to extraordinary budgetary pressures Neil Cole – Executive Secretary | CABRI Secretariat
  • Surviving the fiscal fallout of a lockdown and additional healthcare expenditure Mark Blecher – Chief Director | Health and Social Development | National Treasury of South Africa
  • Confronting a double threat: Oil price wars and the COVID-19 pandemic Ben Akabueze – Director General | Budget Office, Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria

DISCLAIMER: This video has undergone minor editing. We regret any technical glitches that may disrupt your viewing experience.

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