Information systems in PFM peer-exchange Back-to-basics: capabilities for effective design and utilisation of information systems

Feature Image September 16 Event

This peer learning and exchange event is the first of three online peer-learning events scheduled in October and November respectively, and in-person events in 2021, and will bring together officials from ministries of finance across Africa to critically reflect on how data capabilities are critical for success of both design and the use of financial management information systems. More specifically, the first event in this policy dialogue series, aims to: lay ground for countries to assess levels of knowledge of relevant user groups through in-country introspection and cross-country reflections, identify capability gaps previously neglected or unknown; through identification of data capability gaps, define the scope of training curricula, ensuring training programmes lead to development of in-house expertise which would help in utilising the system’s higher functionalities and long-term sustainability; share innovative or effective country-level approaches to building capacity and strengthening support to system users and consider the potential for regional skills development programmes if capability gaps across countries are shown to overlap.

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