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6th Meeting of the WHO Montreux Collaborative on Fiscal Space, Public Financial Management and Health Financing

20 November 2023
DS Montreux

Representing CABRI and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), on 14 November, Danielle Serebro, Programme Manager at CABRI chaired a panel discussion on “Corruption: standing in the way of effective PFM in health?’ at the 6th Montreux Collaborative Conference held from 13-17 November in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ms. Serebro was later a panelist on the discussion ‘Epidemic-ready PFM: what does it take?’. Focusing on supplementary budgets, intergovernmental transfers, and emergency procurement, Ms. Serebro highlighted the importance for governments to strike the right balance between flexibility and accountability which is enhanced by transparency.

The conference’s main objectives were to take stock of lessons from COVID-19 for Public Financial Management (PFM) and health financing reform thus identify PFM features conducive to resilient systems; to deepen the understanding of PFM requirements for effective PHC financing; and to unpack health budget execution issues and discuss joint solutions between finance and health.

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