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Building PFM Capabilities

17 November 2016
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An action-based learning programme

The Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) and the Building State Capability (BSC) programme at Harvard University’s Centre for International Development are pleased to announce an innovative action-based learning programme for CABRI member countries.

Seven country teams will be enrolled in a programme that aims to build the capabilities of teams as they learn how to address and solve locally-nominated problems through action-oriented work.

The programme is practical, experimental, and focused on facilitated learning for officials to examine why capability is weak (which political, bureaucratic, and other factors undermine functionality) and how capability can be improved (what works, and why). This learning comes through a process whereby they also achieve success in solving a particular problem faced by their country.

The programme draws on BSC and CABRI’s successful use of the Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) approach, and will include a combination of online learning, facilitated workshops and regular follow-up engagements over a eight-month period, starting in April 2017.

CABRI and BSC will welcome applications from CABRI member countries in February 2017.

Professor Matt Andrews Mr Neil Cole
BSC, Harvard University CABRI

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