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CABRI joins the Building State Capability for its 10th year anniversary

11 June 2024
Podcast Harvard

Our flagship programme, the Building Public Finance Capabilities (BPFC) programme was developed in collaboration with the Building State Capability (BSC) Programme at Harvard’s Center for International Development. We are in our 7th year already! 7 years of putting country-teams of government practitioners on the Continent at the centre stage of PFM reform and equipping them with an approach - the PDIA approach - that drives incremental change and build their own capabilities.

In a new episode in its podcast series A Decade of Building State Capability, BSC Director Salimah Samji interviews Joana Bento and Danielle Serebro, Programme Managers at Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI). They discuss the Building Public Finance Capabilities (BPFC) programme, developed by BSC in collaboration with CABRI in 2017 to help African country-teams reform PFM systems using the PDIA approach.

Listen : Reflections on applying PDIA to PFM in Africa.

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