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Leadership challenges for structural reforms - PDIA

28 March 2023
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The Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) approach helps public organisations develop the capability to solve complex problems while they are actually solving these problems. PDIA interventions typically involve creating teams of multiple agents to tackle locally nominated problems. The approach is based on the premise that there are no predetermined solutions to complex problems and that only experimentation through small steps can lead to solving the problem.

At the core of our flagship programme, the Building Public Finance Capabilities (BPFC) programme, the PDIA approach was the focus of a webinar on 28 March on "Leadership Challenges for Structural Reforms - PDIA'. Organised by the Center for Excellence in Finance, Slovenia, the webinar was an opportunity for Joana Bento, who leads our BPFC programme to share how we apply the PDIA approach.

This webinar highlighted the nontechnical factors influencing the decision-making in the Economic Reform Programmes (ERP) process, and explained the concept of “change agents”, where a parallel can be drawn with ERP technical coordinators and their leadership role in reform processes.

The other speakers were:
- Robert Bauchmüller| Chief Officer | Strategy| CEF
- Elson Caka | ERP Coordinator| Ministry of Finance and Economy| Albania

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