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The African Development Bank Renews its Support to CABRI Through its Multinational - Regional Institutional Support Project for Public Financial Governance Phase II Project

25 November 2022
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CABRI joins the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) as beneficiary of the Regional Institutional Support Project for Public Financial Governance (RISPFG) Phase II Project of the African Development Bank (AfDB). Under the AfDB approved Strategy for Economic Governance in Africa 2021-2025 (SEGA), a corporate blueprint which takes cognizance that as part of the efforts for economic recovery, it is important that Regional Member Countries (RMC’s) are supported in enhancing their capacities to collect domestic revenues through improved tax policies and administration, as well as improved capacities for PFM and transparent and effective use of public resources. To achieve this, concerted efforts at the regional level and strong partnerships are needed. This informs the Bank’s commitment to support key regional or pan-African organizations to improve domestic resource mobilization, public sector effectiveness, governance and accountability as well as the quality of public services to the people of Africa noting aspirations of the Agenda 2063.

The RISPFG Phase II Project is the designed successor to the RISPG Phase I project approved in 2016 and successfully completed in September 2021, for which CABRI was a proud beneficiary.

The RISPFG Phase II Project will be implemented over a period of three years ending December 2025, and has three components:

  • Enhanced capacity for domestic resource mobilisation
  • Improved capacities for planning, budgeting and mainstreaming gender and climate change in Public Financial Management (PFM)
  • Project coordination and management

Through this award of USD 2,25291.00, the specific objectives of CABRI will be to implement components (ii) and (iii), with a focus on the improvement of capabilities for PFM, including planning, budgeting and public debt management.

Under component (ii), CABRI will amongst others, continue to work with government Budget and Planning Officials of its member countries on capability building through its flagship programme – the Building Public Finance Capabilities (BPFC) Programme with a particular focus on debt and liquidity management, the implementation of capital projects and public finance in health. Policy Dialogues will also be held on health, education, youth employment, agriculture, climate resilience and Just Energy Transition.

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