The Journey of Team Mali in the Building Public Finance Capabilities Program 2019

9 December 2019

In April 2019, seven teams from Benin, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Mali and Rwanda, embarked in the Building Public Finance Capabilities Programme to tackle a locally nominated public finance problem. After having deconstructed the problem and identified entry points, teams have been through an iterative and adaptive learning process, which entailed engagements with key stakeholders and gathering further evidence and perspectives on this problem.

The team from the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Mali identified the pressing problem of tax compliance in the country and discerned a series of contributing factors that they have been working on over several months. This is a video that they had prepared on their journey. The teams met again in Tanzania from December 9-11 for the Peer Review Seminar to assess their progress since April 2019.

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