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Region: Southern Africa
Currency: Malawian Kwacha (MWK)
Population: 18.6 million
Capital: Lilongwe
Ministry website: www.finance.gov.mw
Fiscal year: July-June
Regional Economic Community: COMESA, SADC
All ADM data on Malawi was provided by the Debt Management Office of Malawi. Should you require additional information, please contact: Tiyamika Kanthambi (Chief Debt And Aid Officer) Email

Government debt in Malawi: headline indicators

Total central government debt

Total public debt:GDP

Foreign-currency vs. domestic-currency debt

Foreign and domestic public debt:GDP

Short-term vs. long-term central government debt

Debt maturing in <12 months:GDP

Marketable domestic vs. non-marketable domestic central government debt

Concessional vs. non-concessional foreign central government debt

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Debt management office (DMO): a snapshot

Coordination and delegation of debt-management responsibilities outside the debt management office

Central Bank Accountant General Office Budget office

Cash management institutional arrangements and practices

Bank account management

Transaction settlement

Debt-recording system

Debt reporting and auditing

Domestic debt issuance

Stock exchange

Investor relations

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