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Budget implementation, monitoring and evaluation capabilities at the Federal level in Nigeria

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This report examines the challenges related to capital expenditure implementation in Nigeria, as well as the key drivers of abandoned capital projects across the country. Over 56,000 projects scattered across the six geopolitical zones have been abandoned, equivalent of over N12 trillion. Contributory factors range from systemic failures to individual and institutional capacities. These include nonrelease of funds, poor procurement practices, corruption, weak capabilities to plan and execute projects, and lack of continuity in policies and projects implementation by succeeding administrations.

CABRI’s review of the capabilities of some selected central finance agencies (CFAs) and other MDAs on budget execution and monitoring and evaluation of the budget implementation process was also factored into the assessment presented in this report.

Year: 2023 Theme: Capabilities Assessment, Institutional capabilities, PFM Capabilities Assessment reports, Institutional capabilities Countries: Nigeria Language: English

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