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Budgeting for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in The Gambia

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The organisation of WASH in The Gambia is complex. The Department of Water Supplies, a government unit responsible for rural water supplies and sanitation, is situated within the Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources. However, hygiene falls under the Department of Health and Social Welfare. The former is responsible mainly for infrastructural development or ‘hardware’, while the latter focuses on ‘software’ development, including education and communication about behavioural changes, in order to develop better understanding of hygiene and improve sanitary conditions. Such a fragmented organisational approach – while useful for allowing specialisation for different WASH components – may result in a lack of integration and synergy and will likely require better coordination to be more effective. It also requires all the departments managing different aspects of WASH to work closely together in planning, budgeting and execution.

Year: 2020 Theme: Health, Health PFM, Value for money, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Water Sanitation and Hygiene Language: English

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