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Choice of optimal instruments for boosting food sufficiency: the case of agricultural input subsidies in Senegal Ensuring value for money in agriculture: the policy challenge and efficiency spending

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1. Introduction
2. Background of the agricultural sector
3. The implementation of agriculture subsidies
4. Impact of subsidies: micro-evidence from sample survey
5. Analysis

The Senegalese government in April 2008 launched a very ambitious plan, which is now known as GOANA or Grande offensive agricole pour la nourriture et l’abondance (Great Agricultural Offensive for Food and Abundance). The aim of the programme was to put Senegal on a pathway to attain food sufficiency by 2015. This case study focuses on one of the three measures implemented in Senegal: greater access to agricultural inputs and equipment.

Year: 2013 Theme: Value for money, Agriculture Countries: Senegal Language: English

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