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Performance and programme-based budgeting in Africa A status report

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Part A: Status report
1. Introduction
2. What is PPBB and how is it practised outside Africa?
3. Readiness of African countries to implement PPBB
4. Status of PPBB in Africa
5. The impact of implementing PPBB in Africa
6. Main challenges in implementing PPBB in Africa
7. The way forward for PPBB reforms in Africa
8. Conclusion

Annex 1: Survey of PPBB implementation in Africa
Annex 2: Establishing readiness for PPBB reforms by using PEFA indicators
Annex 3: Legal requirements for PPBB in WAEMU/CEMAC countries
Annex 4: Status of PPBB in Africa – methodology and data sources

Part B: Country case studies
1. Tunisia
2. Uganda
3. Mozambique
4. Burkina Faso

This study is a comprehensive assessment of performance- and programme-based budgeting (PPBB) in African countries. It analyses the status of PPBB practices at end-2012; the main challenges in implementing PPBB reforms; and the impact of introducing PPBB in African countries. The report includes survey results from 15 African countries and case studies on Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Uganda.

Year: 2013 Theme: Building Public Finance Capabilities, PFM reforms Countries: Tunisia, Uganda, Mozambique, Burkina Faso Language: English

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