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Strengthening budget practices in Africa

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1. Strengthening budget practices in Africa: an overview of CABRI’s 5th Annual Seminar
2. Budget practices in Africa
3. Aid on budget
4. Fiscal policy in the global economic slowdown
5. Budgeting for infrastructure
6. Performance budgeting: a case study of Korea

The themes covered during the 5th Annual Seminar highlight the work undertaken by CABRI in the preceding year on budget practices, reform priorities and aid on budget. The seminar also introduced themes of future work, including performance budgeting and the budgeting of large capital projects. In addition, the proceedings summarise the discussions on issues that were pertinent to budget management at the time of the seminar, namely fiscal responses to the global economic slowdown.

Year: 2009 Theme: CABRI Conference, CABRI 5th Annual Seminar Countries: Rwanda, Zambia, Sierra Leone Language: English

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