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Towards a greater use of country systems in Africa: recent trends and approaches Synthesis report

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1. Introduction
2. A review of the use of country systems in Africa
3. Ways in which country systems are used
5. Donor approaches to using country systems
6. Factors that drive the use of country systems
7. The use of project implementation units
8. Conclusions and recommendations

The "use of country systems" report provides a synthesis of research, country case-studies, and engagements commissioned and undertaken by CABRI. The report provides a ground-breaking account of the form and extent that Development Partners (donors) make use of the systems that are in place in Partner Countries (recipients of aid). More importantly, the report provides the basis for country-level dialogues between stakeholders to determine the extent that local systems should be used, and also agree on a course of action that can lead to greater use of local systems.

Year: 2014 Theme: Transparency and accountability, Use of country systems Language: English

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