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Quarterly updates of the Budgets in Africa (BiA) Budget Enquirer tool on CABRI PFM Knowledge Hub


The Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) is an intergovernmental organisation that provides support to African budget officials and public financial management (PFM) practitioners in developing and implementing functional approaches to reform initiatives, to strengthen their public financial management systems. CABRI provides a platform for member countries to exchange experiences and learn from each other in an environment that fosters a common understanding of shared problems in PFM reforms.

The PFM Knowledge Hub is CABRI’s online platform for sharing budgeting practices and policies, challenges and PFM reform efforts. CABRI uses the PFM Knowledge Hub to disseminate its core products, such as reports, case studies, policy briefs, blogs, events and newsletters. A key element of the PFM Knowledge Hub is the Budget Enquirer, a search tool that allows users to navigate through a repository of budget information for African central governments. CABRI has collected budget documentation of 54 African countries since 2010. This repository of national budget documents allows the public finance community and practitioners to use and benefit from the information, compare and contrast budget documentation and policies, encouraging greater transparency on the continent. This pool of information also allows CABRI to build an evidence base of African budgets and to undertake analysis on trends, patterns and differences in budget transparency practices and fiscal policy across the continent.

Objective of the assignment

CABRI is seeking a service provider to assist in updating and refining the Budget Enquirer by sourcing, collating, categorising and indexing national budget documents and selecting consolidated sub-national budget documentation. This will be done for all documents published between April 2021 and December 2024. The indexed documentation will be provided to an IT service provider for upload onto the PFM Knowledge Hub.

It is expected that the retrospective update will take approximately 20 days as the service provider will look for multiple documents in a single search per country. Subsequent quarterly updates are expected to take approximately 7 days. This implies that a maximum of 45 days is envisaged for this work.

Duration : May 2024 – January 2025

Deadline : 8 May 2024

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