Establishing Functional PBOs in Africa Training Workshop

Featured Image Role Of Legislature

In November 2018, CABRI hosted a Policy Dialogue on the Role of the Legislature in the Budget Process which brought together Ministry of Finance officials, Legislators and Parliamentary Budget Offices (PBO) from 14 African countries to discuss how Legislatures contribute to improving budget planning and formulation, and the implementation of spending plans and oversight.

At this Policy Dialogue, Ministry of Finance officials, Legislators and PBO officials identified challenges and critical actions to improve their country’s PFM cycle. Among the various challenges identified by officials, the key challenges were the need to establish a functional/improve the function of the PBO, improve the relationship between the Executive and Legislature during the budget process, and improve the legislation and rules guiding the institutions involved in the budget process and the process as a whole.

This training workshop will focus analytical capabilities and structure of a functional PBO which would allow Legislators to be better involved in the budget formulation process, make better-informed decisions on expenditures and debt, and improve their budget oversight role.

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