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Event details
Date: 5 - 6 October 2021
Time: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm
Venue: Online

Negotiating fair and balanced contracts with creditors/investors in Africa

Featured Image Negotiating Fair And Balanced Contracts With Creditorsinvestors In Africa

The peer-learning and exchange event provided a platform for public debt managers in Africa to share and learn from the experiences of their peers and apply the lessons in their own countries, where appropriate. Selected international experts also participated to share the latest evidence, recommended practices and norms that influence the outcome of sovereign debt negotiations.

The four areas that were covered at the peer-learning event were:

  • Improving the transparency of sovereign debt negotiations
  • Enhancing the government’s negotiations position through rigorous financial analysis
  • Understanding key legal concepts and room to manoeuvre
  • Assessing the options and opportunities for restructuring sovereign debt


Day 1 - This recording has undergone minor editing.

Day 2 - This recording has undergone minor editing.


Neil Cole

Executive Secretary - CABRI (South Africa)

Johan Krynauw

Programme Manager - CABRI (South Africa)

Danielle Serebro

Acting Programme Manager - CABRI (South Africa)

Fifi Peters

Presenter - CNBC Africa (South Africa)

Arsène M Dansou

Director General: Public Debt Management Agency - Ministry of Finance (Benin)

Patience Ohina

Director General – Public Debt Management Agency (Nigeria)

Mike Salawou

Head of Division, Infrastructure & Partnerships - African Development Bank

Gregory Kabwe

Director for investments and public debt management department - Ministry of Finance (Zambia)

David Mihalyi

Senior Economic Analyst - Natural Resource Governance Institute (London)

Samuel Arkhurst

Director - Treasury and Debt Management - Ministry of Finance (Ghana)

Alilali Nelufule

Acting Director - Asset and Liability Management Division (South Africa)

Rodrigo-Olivares Caminal

Professor of Banking & Finance Law - Queen Mary University of London

Nicole Kearse

Senior Legal Counsel - African Legal Support Facility and Jim Ho, Cleary Gottlieb, London, UK

Maris Wanyera

Director Public Debt - Ministry of Finance (Uganda)

Kanyi Lui

Partner - Pinsent Masons, Beijing, China

Stanislas Nkhata

Director of Debt Management Programme - MEFMI (Zimbabwe)

Yunnan Chen

Senior Research Officer - ODI

Dorivaldo F.S. Teixeira

Public Debt Management Unit - Ministry of Finance (Angola)

Samad Sirohey

CEEMEA Head of Funding (Citi Bank)

Wanga Cibi

Acting Chief Director, Liability Management, Asset and Liability Management division, National Treasury of South Africa

Franck Olivier Zadi

General Directorate of the Treasury and Public Accounts, Ministry of Economy and Finance (Côte d'Ivoire)

Livingston Bumbe

Public Debt Management Unit, National Treasury (Kenya)

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