Policy and funding strategies to improve WASH service delivery (anglophone countries)

Wash Workshop Eng Feature

The Value for Money in WASH sub-programme aims to strengthen the linkages between Ministries of Finance and Ministries in charge of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Understanding their complementary roles in policy and financing improves the provision of quality services for better WASH outcomes. The objective of the dialogue was to provide a platform for a select number of anglophone African countries to present their strategies and approaches to meeting the WASH SDGs to their peers who will then offer comments/suggestions/recommendations to further strengthen their approach

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Programme WASH Peer Review


Intro Presentation - Nana Boateng
Presentation 1a Lesotho (Ministry of Health & Ministry of Water resources)
Session 1
Presentation 2a Ghana (Ministry of of Sanitation and Water Resources)
Session 1
Presentation 3a Botswana (Department of Water Affairs)
Session 1
Presentation 3b Botswana (Ministry of Finance/Land Management, Water & Sanitation Services)
Session 1
"Time to re-evaluate how we provide sanitation" Master Class Sudhir Pillay
Session 2
The Sanitation Economy: A Master Class on Sanitation (greywater, faeces and urine) Bernelle Verster & Josh Palfreman
Session 3
Local Government presentation on the water crisis in Beaufort West - Kosie Haarhoff
Session 4
Presentation 1a Mauritius (Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities)
Session 5
Presentation 1b Mauritius (Ministry of Finance)
Session 5
Presentation 2a South Africa (Department of Water and Sanitation)
Session 5
Presentation 2b South Africa (National Treasury)
Session 5
Presentation 3a Nigeria (Ministry of Health)
Session 5
Presentation 3b Nigeria (Ministry of Finance)
Session 5
Session 6 Planning, Budgeting and Execution in WASH - Lotte Feuerstein
Session 6
Session 7 Roles in Planning, Budgeting and Implementation - Neil Cole
Session 6

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