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Are we asking the right questions? Embedding a medium-term perspective in budgeting

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1. Embedding medium-term perspectives: an overview
2. Legacy systems and legal framework practice in the francophone and anglophone traditions
3. Mobilising domestic revenues
4. Addressing incrementalism and expenditure rigidities
5. Bringing aid on budget

This report of the fourth Annual CABRI Seminar addresses the impact of legacy francophone and anglophone systems on medium-term budget reforms, the establishment of stable revenue environments for medium-term budget expenditure planning, the positioning of capital budgeting in integrated budgeting systems, the use of budget ceilings and baselines to encourage a forward perspective, and the integration of aid on budget.

Year: 2007 Theme: CABRI Conference, CABRI 4th Annual Seminar Countries: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana Language: English

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