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Background paper: The role of governments in developing agriculture value chains

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One of the key themes of CABRI’s Policy Dialogues is the improvement of the value for money delivered by public expenditure, including in agriculture, education, health and water and sanitation. Past dialogues in the agricultural sector include one in 2013 on efficiency of spending, and a second, in 2014, on impact evaluation. A third dialogue on agriculture was held in Addis Ababa in March 2019, with a focus on the value added that can be derived by taking a value-chain approach (VCA) to policy and expenditure.

Year: 2019 Theme: Value for money, Agriculture Language: English

This paper focuses specifically on how a VCA can improve the effectiveness of public policy in agriculture. It is not concerned with the general principles of agricultural planning and budgeting, which is a broader subject. The paper is based on a review of existing literature and the lessons from the three case studies undertaken for the dialogue.

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