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Ensuring value for money in infrastructure in Africa Report 2: Financing infrastructure projects

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Part 1: Infrastructure financing and public-private partnerships in Africa
1. Introduction
2. Traditional approaches to infrastructure finance
3. Overview of public-private partnerships
4. Core principles of public-private partnerships
5. Practical issues in public-private partnership execution
6. African experience with public-private partnerships
7. Conclusion

Part 2: The new Cairo wastewater treatment plant

This report looks at different ways of financing infrastructure, with a particular focus on PPPs, and discusses the core principles common to many international programmes:
(i) Achieving “value for money”(VfM) for the public sector;
(ii) achieving “optimal risk transfer” to the parties best able to manage different risks;
(iii) Ensuring overall “affordability” of the project within the broader budget constraint.
These principles are viewed as the foundation for any sound public infrastructure project involving private sector participation. A few country examples are discussed, highlighting, in particular, the financing issues for Egypt’s new Cairo wastewater treatment plant pilot project, which was financed entirely by the private sector, and Lesotho’s new national hospital project, which received significant grant funding to address affordability concerns.

Year: 2010 Theme: Value for money, Infrastructure Countries: Egypt Language: English

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