Institutional and personnel capabilities for programme budgeting and monitoring in Ethiopia

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The next fiscal year will mark the 10-year anniversary of the full-scale implementation of programme-based budgeting across the federal government in Ethiopia. This milestone coincides with the government’s efforts to ramp up preparations to roll out PBB in several regional states. As a reform exercise that tends to transfer more ownership to budgetary organisations, the success of PBB depends on the planning and monitoring capabilities of spending entities as well as macro-level institutions.

This report aims to examine the state of institutional and human-resource capabilities for programme planning and monitoring in Ethiopia in the context of the rollout of PBB and the extra demand such reform may place on those capabilities in budgetary organisations.

Year: 2021 Theme: Institutional capabilities, Building Public Finance Capabilities, Capabilities Assessment, Institutional capabilities, PFM Capabilities Assessment reports Countries: Ethiopia Language: English

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