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PFM capabilities assessment report series no. 1 Building public financial capabilities in a post-conflict environment - The case of the Central African Republic

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The modern state in most African countries is a relatively new construct, which continues to struggle to carry out its basic functions. As a core state function, public financial management (PFM) is an area in which many countries have been trying for several decades to build capabilities. PFM encompasses a whole range of governmental functions undertaken by separate entities from budget planning and formulation to auditing and evaluation. The complexity of the process of putting together and managing a budget for an entire government requires countries to possess a series of interlinked capabilities to keep the government running effectively. Accordingly, it is important to keep track of key PFM capabilities with a view to identifying areas for improvement and the facilitation of incremental reforms.

Year: 2020 Theme: Building Public Finance Capabilities, Capabilities Assessment, Institutional capabilities Countries: Central African Republic Language: English

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