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Building PFM Capabilities in Africa: Framing Workshop

Bpfmc 2019 Framing Feature
(Photo by CABRI)

Public Finance Management (PFM) reform programmes are often characterised by replicating best practice reforms that offer solutions deemed universally applicable. It is increasingly recognised that reforms are most effective when a problem is defined by local agents, and the corresponding solution emerges from a process that considers a country’s administrative, political and economic realities.

Over the next eight months, seven country teams from the Central African Republic, Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, and Rwanda will embark on an action-learning journey to tackle locally nominated PFM problems. The team will gather in Rwanda for a framing workshop, to learn about the Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) approach, by i) constructing a real problem statement; (ii) identifying the main causes and sub-causes of the problem; (iii) agreeing on the immediate actions to be taken; and (iv) designating specific responsibilities to team members

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