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Financiamento da saúde e gestão das despesas para eficácia alocativa e técnica

Images Events Health Financing And Expenditure Management For Allocative And Technical Efficiency 2Nd Health Dialogue

The second dialogue, on health financing and expenditure management for allocative and technical efficiency, discussed, among other topics, ways of managing donor funding, alternative methods to fund public healthcare, and measuring expenditure and impact to inform future policies.

The health sector dialogue focused on two themes: (i) financing healthcare, and (ii) expenditure management in the health sector. Keynote papers and country case studies were prepared to facilitate the discussions. The case studies played a central role in the dialogue and allowed seminar participants to apply the approaches, concepts, frameworks and tools presented in the main papers to real-life situations. The two case studies focused on financing and monitoring for results in the health sector in Rwanda, and health financing − between equity and efficiency in Burkina Faso.

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