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Images Events 10Th Annual Seminar Value For Money In Public Spending
(Photo by CABRI)

The 10th Annual Seminar was on the theme “Value for money in public spending”. Value for money is about maximising impact with limited resources and is determined by the relationship between inputs, outputs and outcomes. The annual seminar reviewed the efficiency of spending in some of the key sectors and discussed ways in which efficiency and effectiveness can be improved in the budget process. CABRI has been undertaking a series of research and small policy dialogues on value for money in various sectors including health, education and agriculture.

The annual sSeminar, which took place in Johannesburg (South Africa) from 24-26 September 2014, allowed for this wealth of research studies to reach a larger audience and for high-level discussions to take place on how senior government officials can better ensure value for money in financing public expenditure.

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