Peer learning and exchange: COVID-19 vaccine financing, purchasing and distribution in Africa

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This peer learning and exchange event will bring together officials from ministries of finance and health across Africa to learn from peer countries and experts about financing, costing, budgeting and implementing COVID-19 vaccine programmes. More specifically, this peer-exchange event aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine programmes by sharing knowledge on:

  • how countries are and can most accurately cost all aspects of the COVID-19 vaccine programme and how these have been included in national budgets.
  • the financing options available to African countries and the implications of these, both in the short and medium term.
  • vaccine purchasing arrangements, how these have been decided on during the current crisis, and how concerns around efficiency and accountability in procurement are approached during an emergency.
  • the financial implications of rolling out the vaccine, including how countries can cost and budget for the roll-out, utilise non-governmental actors, and ensure funds flow efficiently to service-delivery centres.

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